Gormully & Jeffery American Rambler ladies 1889

This rare Gormully & Jeffery American Rambler female hard tire safety with rear coil spring suspension was sold at the Copake auction in 2012.  It is a very original example having 26 inch front and 30 inch rear wheels. The pedals are signed G&J. It's a shame the bike is overpainted, this way we can't see which parts are original. 

G. Donald Adams describes this model in his book 'Collecting and restoring Antique Bicycles'. G&J started in 1888 with a ladies bike but changed the design after one year for this unique suspension model. This first model had direct spokes (look at illustration) , while the bike on the pictures has tangent spokes. Maybe it was an option, like the skirt guards at chain and rear wheel were. In 1890-1891 the bikes got a stay rod joining the head with the seat tube. Strange construction, it looks like it is detachable in case the lady wanted to ride the bike.  In 1892 came new models with pneumatic tires.

The website of the 'Old Spokes Home' shows the gents model of this G&J. Click for link.